Saturday, February 25, 2006


Just wanted to mention Thycotic.TddStarterKit from Thycotic Software Ltd. From the site:

Thycotic.TddStarterKit is a collection of useful tools and extensions for NUnit and NUnitAsp that solve some of our commonly encountered problems on TDD projects. It includes:

One of the many useful methods I found was that instead of writing:

Assert(Browser.CurrentPageText.IndexOf(expression) != -1);

I can now write:

AssertContains(Browser.CurrentPageText, expression);


Jonathan Cogley said...

If you derive from WebBase then you can use the AssertHtmlContains and AssertHtmlNotContains to do the same thing. One of our favorites (and best practices) is to sprinkle AssertHtmlNotContains("Exception") through the code as it makes it easy to find exceptions being thrown in the web application.

Jonathan Cogley said...

BTW - we love that you are using it! Feedback is always welcome!